Cracked Teeth in Woodstock, GA

Cracked Teeth in Woodstock, GA

Dealing with a dental emergency involving cracked teeth can be painful and problematic. A cracked tooth is split or has chipped, broken pieces along its visible surface. It can be caused by many things, including accidents, biting on hard foods, grinding teeth, and aging. Over time, the tooth crack can worsen, leading to additional problems like a cavity. If the damage exposes the inner pulp of the tooth, patients will experience a toothache and may have sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures. These symptoms can get worse over time. The symptoms of a cracked tooth include pain when chewing food or using the mouth; sharp pains when biting down; increased sensitivity when eating or drinking hot/cold items; and a visible split in a tooth. Patients may be more susceptible to getting a cracked tooth if they grind their teeth at night. This can cause fatigue and headaches, resulting in a worn-down appearance of teeth and jaw. If a patient experiences these symptoms of a cracked tooth, they should schedule an appointment at Park Creek Dental Care as soon as possible! 

The Causes of Cracked Teeth 

  • A sudden impact or blow to the mouth can result in a cracked tooth. This can occur during accidents, falls, or while playing sports without proper protection. 
  • Chewing on hard foods, ice, or non-food items like pen caps can create excessive pressure on the teeth, leading to cracks. 
  • Habitual teeth grinding or clenching can weaken the tooth structure over time, making them more susceptible to cracks. 
  • As we age, our teeth naturally undergo wear and tear. Over time, this can weaken the teeth and make them more prone to cracking. 

A cracked tooth can lead to severe pain and complications if not treated promptly. Contact Park Creek Dental Care right away to schedule an emergency appointment and receive the necessary care.

Managing a Dental Emergency: Cracked Teeth 

  • Gently rinse your mouth with warm saltwater to help cleanse the area and reduce the risk of infection. 
  • If the cracked tooth has caused bleeding in the mouth, use a clean gauze or a wet tea bag to apply gentle pressure to the affected area. This can help stop or reduce bleeding. If the bleeding is severe and doesn't stop, seek immediate dental or medical attention. 
  • If parts of the cracked tooth have broken off, try to locate and preserve them. Please keep them in a clean container with milk, saliva, or a saline solution. Your dentist in Woodstock, GA, may be able to use these pieces to repair or assess the extent of the damage. 
  • To prevent further damage to the cracked tooth, avoid chewing on the side of the mouth where the tooth is located. Stick to soft foods that require minimal chewing. 
  • Suppose the cracked tooth has a sharp or jagged edge that may irritate the soft tissues in the mouth. In that case, you can apply dental wax or temporary dental adhesive over the area as a temporary protective measure. These can be found at most pharmacies. 
  • It's crucial to seek professional dental care as soon as possible for a cracked tooth. Contact your dentist and explain the situation. They will evaluate the extent of the crack and provide appropriate treatment options. Treatment may involve dental bonding, crowns, root canal therapy, or tooth extraction, depending on the severity of the crack. 

Don't let a cracked tooth disrupt your life. Contact Park Creek Dental Care right away for prompt, professional care. Our team is here to restore your smile and comfort.

Dealing with a cracked tooth is a dental emergency that requires immediate attention. A cracked tooth can worsen over time if left untreated, leading to further complications. For the best dental care tailored to your unique needs, visit Park Creek Dental Care at 8080 Hickory Flat Hwy, Woodstock, GA 30188, or call (470) 601-7888. 

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